Why We Call Ourselves Bethany Bible Fellowship

Does our name raise questions in your mind? Perhaps you wonder if we really are a church since we do not have the word "church" in our name. You may question our reason for existence or how we function due to the uniqueness of our title.


BETHANY, as it is often used in Scripture, is synonymous with loving concern. During the life of our Lord it was in Bethany that one of the greatest acts of sharing took place. Mary gave her life savings in a great lavish act of loving concern when she anointed Jesus with her ointment. Bethany was the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Christ and His Disciples often enjoyed the gracious hospitality of their home. We feel that the word Bethany expresses the loving concern that a church should manifest.

BIBLE We believe, first and foremost, that the Bible is God's holy and inspired Word. We, therefore, draw from the Scriptures the principles that determine our beliefs and practices. As our name implies, it is the Word of God, rather than the words of men, that direct our church. We have found over the years that the Lord honors this conviction.
We meet for worship, prayer, instruction and fellowship. We proclaim the truths of the Bible, being confident that God is glorified and man's needs are met when His truths are presented.

FELLOWSHIP The word 'church' is a good word; but, unfortunately, for many people is connotes a cold, rigid, legalistic structure. This is, of course, foreign to what Christ intended His church to be.
Fellowship is a New Testament word meaning "to share in common" or "partnership." Fellowship is the result of what happens when those whose lives have been transformed get together for worship and study. There is a oneness, a partnership, a sharing of a common bond that develops that is unique in the world. We believe that this is what Christ intended His church to be.
We invite you to worship with us this next Lord's Day.

- Written by Dr. Donald Shoff, Founding Pastor
and thoroughly endorsed by
Charles W. Leckie, present Pastor