Daily Bible Readings

The word of God is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. It is the greatest gift our Creator has given. In the pages of the Bible, he has given clarity to life's biggest questions. He has saved us from merely looking around and drawing conclusions from our surroundings. He has enabled us to move beyond speculation by intentionally reaching out, making himself known, and speaking truth to his creatures. 

This word not only opens our eyes to the way things are and how they came to be, it removes the veil concealing why we exist and how we were designed to live. Most important of all, it uncovers the reason for all of the struggle, suffering, and sadness in our world, and illuminates God's good plan to save us from ourselves and make all things new. It is through God's Son Jesus Christ, known from eternity past as the divine Logos (i.e. the Word), that God made a way for human sin to be paid for and forgiven, guilt to be removed, friendship with God to be restored, hard hearts to be softened, and eternal hope to be secured.

This word is life-altering, hope-infusing, soul-transforming, and joy-inspiring good news!

We invite you to join us as we journey each day through wonderful pages of God's word. May it fill you with hope, give persepctive to your life, lead you to trust in Christ, and introduce you to the greatest good of all: God himself.

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