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March 31, 2019 Pastor: Greg Stiles Series: Genesis

Topic: Men, Women, Marriage Passage: Genesis 2:18–2:24

Discussion Questions:

1)  Why is it valuable to go back to the beginning and look at the original intent of God making male and female and what he said about the ’two becoming one flesh’?  How does this define marriage?  What does it say about the marriage bond?  How does it define gender?   What does it say about the family unit?  Look particularly at Genesis 1:27; 2:20; 22-25.  What does Jesus add to this in Matthew 19:4-6?
2)  What would be the significance of God saying he formed man out of the dust and he breathed the breath of life into man, but the creation account only mentions animals being formed from the ground?  What could that possibly say about the relationship of man and animal, God and man?  However, the woman was not made from the ground, but formed from man.  What could be the implications of that?  

3)  Why does Genesis 2:18 and the end of verse 20 mention ’no suitable helper was found for man’, with sandwiched in between that statement the animals being brought to Adam and his naming the animals?  What does this say about the man?  What does this say about the value and role of the ’suitable helper’?   
4)  To look at marriage any other way than God intended takes away from the testimony and power of the gospel.  True or False?  Why do you think that?  In what ways does Ephesians 5:21-33 speak to this?  
5)  God brings to light the marriage relationship in the creation account.  Why do you think this is when he mentions it instead of later?  What does it say about marriage and its implication for mankind?  In what ways could this challenge how we view marriage?    If we saw marriage as God sees marriage, and male and female as God see them, what could this do to the health of the family unit and health of mankind?

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