The Good Life Lost

April 7, 2019 Pastor: Jared Burke Series: Genesis

Topic: Tactics, Temptation, Sin Passage: Genesis 3:18–3:7

Discussion Questions:

What tactics did the serpent use in Genesis 3 in tempting Eve to sin? Why do you think they were effective?

In what ways do you see these tactics at use in the world today?

Are there particular tactics that have been effective in tripping up your life? How can you guard against them in the future?

Does the temptation that Adam and Eve faced outside of themselves (i.e., the tactics that the serpent employed) relieve them of some of the responsibility for their decision to eat the fruit? Why or why not?

What is it about Adam’s actions that are particularly shameful? In what ways do men often follow his lead today?

How can we resist the schemes of the devil today? What role should God’s word play in that (Psalm 119:11)?

What should we do when we fail to resist the devil’s schemes?

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