From Confusion to Clarity

April 14, 2019 Pastor: Jared Burke Series: Easter 2019

Topic: Mercy, Sovereignty, Christ Passage: Luke 19:28–44

Discussion Questions:

Palm Sunday was a day of confusion. Many people who praised Jesus had the wrong idea of what the promised Messiah (anointed one) would actually look like and come to accomplish. What are some ways that people today misunderstand Jesus?

In what ways might the needs of today lead you away from worshiping Christ for who he really is and what he came to accomplish? Are there ways we can protect our hearts and minds from allowing this to happen? What might they be?

Why is Christ’s sovereignty important? In what way is a good understanding of Christ’s sovereignty crucial for how we look at his suffering, death, resurrection and what they accomplish?

What affect might a good understanding of his sovereignty have on they way we approach various aspects of our lives?

What do Jesus’ tears reveal to us about how we who have been touched by his mercy should look at others who are lost or suffering? How might you nurture a heart that breaks for others?

Christ’s mercy is seen in his self-denial. How are you modeling this in your own life? What areas could use improvement? What is the proper motivation for desiring to be more Christ-like? And… we might as well go ahead and ask… How might one seek to intentionally grow in this area?

How do you know that you know the Savior?

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