Online Service | May 24th

May 24, 2020 Pastor: Jared Burke Series: Online Services

Topic: God's Faithfulness, Salvation, Calling Passage: Genesis 35:1–29

Welcome to our online service for May 24th!

  • Watch the service by clicking on the video to the right. A special message for children is available on our Bethany Kids page.
  • Discuss the sermon with your family or Life Group. Use the questions below to get the conversation going.
  • Remember to pray for our people, our community, and our world.
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Know that we are praying for you. May you bring glory to God and good to His people as you SHARE the hope, TEACH the truth, and SERVE the King!

Discussion Questions:

Do the choices we have made in life limit or hinder God’s plans? Explain. 

Is your ability to bring glory to God and good to his people today, limited by the choices you have made in the past? Explain.

Why did God call Jacob back to Bethel? What does God's call say about his character?

How does God’s call of Jacob resemble his call to people today?

Jacob and his family cleansed themselves in response to God’s call. What did that look like? In what way is cleansing a part of one’s response to Christ? Is cleansing something that God does, we do, or both? Explain.

God reaffirmed the changing of Jacob’s name in Genesis 35. In what way does Christ give us a new identity? Why is that significant? What happens to our old identity? 

By Genesis 35, Jacob’s life had been dramatically impacted by past choices. In what way does God’s call give him hope for the future? Though our lives may be unchangeably shaped by decisions and/or events in our past, how can the future that Christ offers keep us from discouragement or despair?

How can you keep the promises of Christ in the forefront of your mind each day?

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