Courage to Go On

October 15, 2023 Pastor: Jared Burke Series: Acts: Forward in the Name of the Risen King

Topic: Forgiveness, Failure, Courage Passage: Acts 22:30– 23:11


This livestream is scheduled to take place at 10:30am.

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Read Acts 22:30-23:11 as a group.

Have you ever felt like a failure? What happened?

What does success look like for a Christian? Read Matthew 5:2-16 to help you come up with a list of answers.

Have you ever failed in one of these areas (e.g. in humility, as a peacemaker, in purity, Christian witness, etc.)? What impact did it have?

How do you cope with personal failure?

What hope does 1 John 1:9 give to failures?

How did God reassure Paul after what appears to be personal failure?

How does God use his word and his people to reassure us when we fail?

Read Acts 23:12-35 for next Sunday.

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