Opportunity Knocks

October 29, 2023 Pastor: Jared Burke Series: Acts: Forward in the Name of the Risen King

Topic: Salvation, Judgement, Justice, Motives, Gospel, Opportunity Passage: Acts 24:1–27


This livestream is scheduled to take place at 10:30am.

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Read Acts 24:1-27 as a group.

How do you look at the rich and famous? Are they people to envy? People to resent? People who need salvation?

How do Paul’s words and actions reveal what motivated him?

In what ways might your gospel witness be impacted by the motivations of your heart? How do your motives lead you to respond to opportunities to share the hope of salvation?

Is it possible to change the motivations of your heart? What insight does Psalm 37:4 give? Can you identify current motivations that exist within you that need to change? Take a few moments to pray with your group about them.

What motives can you identify in Paul’s religious accusers? What about in Governor Felix? What impact did that have on their response to Paul’s message?

Who do you know that needs to be presented the opportunity to embrace the gospel? What heart motives do you think might prevent them from seizing the opportunity to repent and believe in Jesus? How might you prayerfully begin speaking to them about these motives?

Take time to pray for those who do not know Jesus as well as for the opportunity to share the gospel and encourage them to repent and believe.

Pray for Vision Sunday and the upcoming Member Meeting next week.

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