Out Of Your Element

November 12, 2023 Pastor: Jared Burke Series: Acts: Forward in the Name of the Risen King

Topic: Government, God's Sovereignty, Temptation, Opposition Passage: Acts 25:1–12


This livestream is scheduled to take place at 10:30am.

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Read Acts 25:1-12 as a group.

Even after over two years, the chief priests were still bent on seeing Paul convicted. Read the words of Jesus in Matthew 12:30. In what way are those who are not for Jesus opposed to him? Is it possible to be merely indifferent to the gospel? Explain your answer.

Luke explains in verse 3 that behind the religious leader’s request to have Paul’s hearing moved to Jerusalem was an intention to kill him in transit. How is it possible for such religious people to be so determined to do evil? Check out John 8:34 and Romans 6:16 to help you form your answer.

Like Felix, governor Festus was motivated to appease the Jewish leaders and could have easily granted their request to hear Paul’s case in Jerusalem. In what way does his decision illustrate God’s sovereignty in human affairs? How do John 7:30 and Acts 2:23 similarly provide support? What impact should this truth have on the way that we walk through troubling circumstances? See Proverbs 21:1 for further support.

In what way did God work through the governor’s obligations to the Roman legal system to preserve his plan for Paul to go to Rome? See verse 12. 

How does Paul’s relationship and interaction with the Roman government illustrate what he calls believers to in Romans 13:1-5? Do these verses imply that God has given earthly governments authority over all realms of life? Explain.

Based upon Paul’s actions, is it appropriate for Christians to insist that their governing authorities abide by and uphold law and order?

Read Acts 25:13-6:32 in preparation for next Sunday.

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